Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, the Inn Group is meeting next week: Thursday, November 21st from 10:30 to noon at the Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant.

We have a meeting full of great networking, idea sharing, and awesome food (of course!) planned. If you haven’t registered, please do so by clicking here now.

The end of the year is drawing near.  Have you accomplished your goals? Do you even have a clear goal?  Either way you are in luck with discussion presenter, Michelle Hall.

One of the biggest keys to achieving the results you want is to be sure you have clearly articulated your goals in writing. Michelle, a Licensed Professional Business Coach from ThistleSea Business Development, will walk you through an exercise to clarify a couple goals so that you are positioned to achieve them. She will also share some tips for you to increase profitability or free up time to focus on what is truly important. In addition to her work with ThistleSea, Michelle is also the President of the Cranberry High Noon Toast Masters and has much experience as a small business owner herself.  I am looking forward to what this talented woman has to share with us and also the great questions and discussion you all add to the presenter’s topics each week.  I learn so much from you all.

Click here if you haven’t reserved your seat. Space is limited.

See you next Thursday,

Wendy Cibula

Sheryl Johnson
BD-PRo Marketing Solutions