Here is Sheryl’s Press Release regarding Networking Uncensored. At the bottom are links to both the registration and sponsor opportunity flyers. I hope to see you there!

How does a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat? By showing only the actions needed to give the audience a magical experience. When you learn the how of using networking tools, you can execute a strategy that presents the illusion of an effortless process that leads to meaningful and profitable connections.

Want to learn how to work magic in networking? Join BD-PRo Networking Solutions at Networking: Uncensored on November 7, 2013, at Clear Story Studio on Pittsburgh’s historic Southside. According to BD-PRo’s founder, Sheryl Johnson, “Once you know the best networking practices and how to employ them, networking isn’t magic. But it may seem like it.”

BD-PRo’s Networking: Uncensored creates an experience beyond that of the typical conference, beginning with entertainment by corporate magician Collin Stover. Along with breaking the ice, Stover’s performance will integrate message and magic in a delivery that promises to be fun, interactive, and motivating. “Personal meetings are where the real magic happens,” says Stover, who performs regularly for organizations like UPMC, the Hilton Worldwide, and the Monroeville Convention Center.

“Networking doesn’t end with face-to-face meetings,” says Elayne Masters, principal of Word Masters. “The magic of words can make you shine. Written communication—whether an email, brochure, or social-networking post—can take networking to the next step or stop it cold.” Masters will provide participants with a Word Mastery Report Card. This comprehensive analysis of a brief writing sample will help you communicate more effectively, both online and offline.

Though she’s not a magician, Sheryl Johnson has a few tricks up her own sleeve, too. “We’re not ready to disclose all of our programming, but I will say this: participants will learn about an unconventional pursuit that builds people’s confidence and teaches them to let go of their inhibitions.” Johnson will use this mystery activity as a model to discuss how to optimize networking success.During the networking-skills training, Johnson will lead the group in innovative and interactive activities. By taking advantage of actual networking opportunities during the event, you will practice—and receive feedback on—critical aspects of networking, such as marketing message, message presentation, and identifying and targeting contacts. While other conferences merely explain or describe practices, Networking: Uncensored provides more than lists of networking do’s and don’ts and step-by-step details of the stages of networking—you will learn these practices firsthand.At Networking: Uncensored you’ll experience meaningful conversations, valuable interactions, new connections, and action education—but no selling, lectures, breakouts, wasted time, or business card shuffles. In the process, you’ll have lots of fun and laughs. You’ll come away with action steps to network strategically and effectively, a list of qualified connections, a Word Mastery Report Card, and access to the Network PRo Toolkit, a revolutionary online resource to help people network more productively.Register for Networking Uncensored here: