Intellectual Property-The Salt and Pepper of your business.  Jalapeno yourself out of trouble in 2015!!!
(It wasn’t me that came up with that corny title this time!  I’m proud of Kathleen! She’ll keep this legal talk interesting for us.)

Do you ever “borrow” clip art from a Google search?
Can you trust the “usage license” filter when searching for free artwork?
Have you used someone’s Facebook photo without permission?

How can you protect the artwork you create for promotional materials?

Are you sure that you are the only one using the tagline you think is so original?
Do you allow your employees to listen to the radio in your retail space?
Have you ever hired a musician to play at your business for a special event?
Do you know the difference between a copyright and a trademark?

Have you wondered about any of this? Should you be? We have all run into many of the scenarios above.  And, you know what they say, “There is nothing new under the sun.” At our next meeting Kathleen Kuznicki, Patent Attorney with The Lynch Law Group,  will  discuss intellectual property with a  focus on copyrights and trademarks. Learn if you can/should take steps to protect your inventions, ideas and product names….And, keep yourself from trouble by understanding public domain and fair use rules.  I look forward to this discussion and hearing your questions.

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