inngrouptableshotThis strategic networking group provides a unique opportunity for small business owners to proactively learn and implement distinctive marketing solutions and to support group development and business growth.

The vision of the Inn Group is to form a circle of support to exchange leads but even more importantly to discover new ways to strengthen and grow the member businesses through creative marketing and business growth strategies.

Efficient networking and the effective implementation of marketing strategies are essential for the success and growth of all businesses. The Inn Group is structured for the members to build strong relationships, to facilitate an environment for the learning and application of marketing concepts, and to provide access to a mutually benefiting “think tank” of savvy of business owners. People often attend educational programs to come away with interesting and useful information that ends up gathering dust on a desk or filed away until the next paper purge. The Inn Group is structured to be very action oriented and purposeful. The members leave each meeting with “homework” and come together again to discuss and provide feedback.

Sheryl Johnson and Wendy Cibula formed The Inn Group concept during a networking meeting while working out on an elliptical machine. “We wanted to find a way to be more effective networkerswendyandsheryl2 and also learn from other businesses that want to do the same,” says Sheryl Johnson, Founder of BD-PRo. “We also didn’t want to bring a group of people together and waste their time by doing the same thing month after month,” Wendy Cibula, owner of the Franklin Inn agrees. “As small business owners, we all struggle with wearing multiple hats and not having enough time to get everything done. With the Inn Group, we can network, learn marketing techniques, and have a circle of supporters to share ideas, challenges and successes with.”